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PMP® Certification Exam PMBOK® - 4th Edition

PMI® Approved Courses

(A comprehensive solution for your certification preparation)

PMDioxide PMP®  Exam Simulator and PMP®  Instructor Led Online Trainings are created by QAI Global Institute. QAI is a Global REP (Registered Education Provider) of the Project Management Institute  (PMI ® )

PMP® Certification: Overview

Given the value associated with the PMP®  certification, the amount of precious time you will spend in preparing for the exam and the money (US$ 405 if you are a PMI member and US$ 555 if not) you will spend, it is critical that you pass the exam in the first attempt.

Moreover, in our view, the real value of any certification exam lies in the preparation process. Let us quickly review and understand the nature of the PMP® certification exam before you embark on your journey to prepare and pass it.

  • Type and No of Questions: The PMP certification exam consists of '200' 'Multiple Choice' Questions. Out of these 200 questions, 25 questions are pre-test (dummy) questions, which will not be considered for scoring. At the same time, while taking the PMP exam, you will not know which of the 25 questions are not going to be considered for the final score. Essentially, you will need to answer all 200 questions to the best of your ability.
  • Exam Duration: The duration for the PMP certification exam is 4 hours and there is no official break. However, given this long duration and rigorous nature of the exam, we recommend that you take few quick breaks:
  • Pass Percentage: To pass the PMP certification exam, you need to answer correctly, at least 106 out of 175 questions (i.e. 60.6%). However, since the candidate will not know which are pre-test
    questions- they need to answer all the questions. We recommend the candidates should aim to score atleast 140 questions right out of 200 questions to enable passing..

How to prepare for PMP® Certification?

Succeeding in the PMP®  certification exam is a function of the following three key factors:

  • Project Management Experience
  • Understanding of Project Management Principles ( as per PMBOK® Guide  4th Edition)
  • PMP®  Exam: Taken with the Right Strategy and Practice

Although there is a no substitute for the real life Project Management experience, there is a huge scope of opportunity in the other two areas - Understanding of Project Management Principles (according to latest PMBOK® Guide  version) and PMP®  Exam: taken with the right strategy & practice.

But 'how and where to begin?' is the first question you encounter while considering preparing for the PMP®  certification. Few other relevant questions you would be asking are:

  • How much time (total no of days, hours/day etc) should I allocate for preparing for PMP® exam?
  • Which areas should I focus on while preparing and practicing for the exam?
  • Which books and trainings should I consider? etc.

To answer most of the above questions, you need to reliably know where do you currently stand regarding your preparedness for the real exam? Once you know your current level, you can choose the appropriate study aids and confidently plan to be successful in the real exam. The best way to assess your current level is to take mock exams simulated on the pattern of the actual PMP® exam. The results of the simulated mock exam will give you clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses in addition to helping you assess your overall preparedness for the exam.

You can then be much more efficient in building deep understanding about Project Management principles, methodologies and guidelines through PMBoK® Guide , which is a must have guide to prepare for the PMP® certification. Depending upon your current level and the amount of time you have (or not have) to appear in the actual exam, you can choose to attend either a classroom based training/bootcamp (look for the possible options based on your location) or a flexible and convenient instructor-led online training for the PMP® exam.

After you have acquired the required understanding about the relevant Project Management principles, it is a matter of constant practice through the mock exams based on the pattern of the real exam.

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I'm very happy with the result, did not think I had done so well. Thank you again for the excellent presentation. I was very pleased with how the course proceeded. Gives me a good impression of QAI for future training/consulting opportunities.
By Sul Thompson
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